Electric Hydrogen Generator for Hydrogen Spa machine

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Electric Hydrogen Generator for Hydrogen Spa machine

Principle Hydrogen Water:

Continue to invade through food and breathing, bacteria and viruses in the human body, but there are white blood cells release reactive oxygen species come back rule, part of the change for the violent reactive oxygen species, invasive attacks the body’s normal cells and DNA, damage cells and DND, composed of cells the composition is oxidized rust degeneration, diseases as aging, spots, wrinkles reasons.

Hydrogen water is in hydrogen molecules into the body after drinking: vivo enzymatic decomposition of
hydrogen in a hydrogen atom, namely, an active hydrogen, and the body of a reactive oxygen free radical oxygen
reduction reaction occurs to form the body most in need of the most harmless of water. And oxygen generating
reaction called oxidation reaction of hydrogen and a reduction reaction occurs is called, the study confirms hydrogen
is colorless, odorless, Wudu, without any side effects.

Hydrogen is one of the best natural anti-oxidant, hydrogen-rich water than hydrogen molecules very subtle, can quickly penetrate cells and the body’s “killer” oxygen free radicals, the last generation of water out of the body. Hydrogen is difficult to dissolve in water, and the use of nano-level technology can solve the technical problems. Each molecule of hydrogen water molecules are uniformly wrapped to form small molecules, small molecules due to the small size, can be very good through the cell wall and eliminate malignant cells of free radical oxidation.

Hydrogen water can reduce toxicity of free radicals to reduce body’s aging and enhance immunity.

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Electric Hydrogen Generator for Hydrogen Spa machine

Hydrogen molecular bio-meter using water electrolysis to generate rich hydrogen, because the molecular weight of hydrogen is very small, strong permeability, diffusion speed is extremely fast, the skin is very easy to absorb. The skin is the body’s largest organ, the ability to absorb hydrogen is very large, the absorption of hydrogen can be transported through the skin’s blood to the body to play the role of health care.

The effect of Hydrogen Spa machine:

1.Anti-aging and beauty;

2.Whitening and removing freckle;


4.Improve immunity.

5.Skin lightening, freckle removing and anti-wrinkle; weight loss and better body image; prolong life; antiaging;anti-inflammatory.


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