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2017 new Product Hydrogen water spa instrument

Hydrogen water spa instrument using water electrolysis to generate rich hydrogen, because the molecular weight of hydrogen is very small, strong permeability, diffusion speed is extremely fast, the skin is very easy to absorb.

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The Advantages of the Hydrogen water spa instrument:

1. Hydrogen can selectively neutralize the highly toxic hydroxyl radicals and nitrite anions. Reduced to water, discharged in vitro.

2. Hydrogen has selective antioxidant effect without any side effect.

3.The Hydrogen water spa instrument uses electrolyze water into rich hydrogen, since hydrogen has small molecular weight, strong permeability fast diffusion rate, very easy to be absorbed by skin. Skin is the largest organ of body with very large capacity to absorb hydrogen.

4. Absorbed hydrogen can be transported to the body through the skin’s blood, and then play a role in health care.

5. Safe and good effect: Skin whitening , freckle removing and anti-wrinkle ; weight loss and better body image; prolong life; anti-aging; anti-inflammatory.


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