jade waist care massage belt with

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jade waist care massage belt with

jade waist care massage belt with

Features :

1. easy to carry

2. Normalization of intestinal functions

3. Tourmaline that emits far-infrared rays & negative ions

4. Anion Therapy ( Anions are negative ions that improve blood circulation, growth )

5. Removal of excess fat in lower abdomen, back and others parts of body

6. Increase metabolism and improve immune system

7. Relieves all body pains & tendons.

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jade waist care massage belt with

jade waist care massage belt with

1. Jade is natural stone which is rich in trace elements. It can release healthy far infrared, shield static and electromagnetic wave radi alization. The jade also produces negative ions which encourage the cells metabolism.

2. Tourmaline is a kind of multi-element natural ore. It emits high-efficient infrared ray. In the process of outside temperature change, the heat of human body exchanges with outside by means of radialization and absorption of far infrared ray.
Ceramics Tourmaline Provides many health benefits by providing Far-Infrared Rays and Anions to the body. Tourmaline is an all season material, helping to keep cool in summer and warm in winter and primarily improves blood circulation , in this case to the head, which enhances brain cell functioning. The benefits of Radiant Far-Infrared Heat have been researched and noted to increase blood circulation throughout the body, improving overall health

3. Germanium is a kind of natural stone and healthy stone with the negative ion.when the germanium is heated it can emit far infared rays and negative ion that benefit to our body.
Especially for the diseases such as rheumatism arthritis spondylosis and so on.

4. Increase vascular circulation – stimulate production of collagen – stimulates the release of adenosine troposphere (ATP) – increase lymphatic system activity – increase RNA and DNA synthesis – Reduce the excitablility of nervous tissue – Stimulate fibroblastic activity which aids in the repair process – Increase phagocytes – Induce a therman like effect in the tissue – Stimulates tissue granulation and connective tissue projections – Stimulate acetycholine release

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