Natural Thermal Tourmaline MAT mattress with Infrared Heating Function

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Natural Thermal Tourmaline MAT mattress with Infrared Heating Function

Far Infared Heating Tourmaline Mattress

Tourmaline is a kind of multi-element natural ore. It emits high-efficient infrared ray. In the process of outside temperature change, the heat of human body exchanges with outside by means of radialization and absorption of far infrared ray.

Ceramics Tourmaline Provides many health benefits by providing Far-Infrared Rays and Anions to the body. Tourmaline is an all season material, helping to keep cool in summer and warm in winter and primarily improves blood circulation , in this case to the head, which enhances brain cell functioning.

The benefits of Radiant Far-Infrared Heat have been researched and noted to increase blood circulation throughout the body, improving overall health

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Natural Thermal Tourmaline MAT mattress with Infrared Heating Function

The Feature of Tourmaline MAT mattress:
1.Jade Mattress use of this Far Infrared Heating Mattress is to provide muscle relaxation therapy by delivering heat and much more.
2. The radiant Far Infrared heat provides relief from minor muscle and joint pain, including stiffness. It also helps relieve pain from arthritis.
3. It improves blood circulation, and the relaxation of muscles.
4. In recent clinical trials, it was found that this particular form of thermal therapy has been beneficial to a number of various illnesses including gastro enteric disorder, constipation, headache and blood pressure problems.
5. This product can also help offer relief from the following symptoms: Parkinson’s disease stroke kidney prostate diarrhea constipation expansion of abdominal region stomach ulcers lungs asthma yellow jaundice etc.
6. These are used by many massage therapists, and chiropractors worldwide!

The Function of Tourmaline MAT mattress:
1. It is warm in winter while cool in summer.
2.Tourmaline could release negative ion which could kill bacterial and clean the air, it has auxiliary medical effect on nearly 30 kinds of diseases.
3.Far infrared ray could adjusting human meridians,improve blood circulation and microcirculation, improve the function of internal organs.
4.The 0.06MA electric current could activate human cells , balance human bioelectricity.
5.Effective block the radiation from electromagnetic waves and water pulse wave.
6.It has medical care role for rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, knee osteoarthritis .
7.It has special effect for headache, dizzy, sleeplessness and neurasthenia.
8.It could kill bacteria ,and eliminate smell.

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