Health care Self-Heating Tourmaline Shoulder Protector/Double Shoulder

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Health care Self-Heating Tourmaline Shoulder Protector/Double Shoulder

Tourmaline is a kind of mufti-element natural ore. It emits high-efficient infrared ray. In the process of outside temperature change, the heat of human body exchanges with outside by means of radialization and absorption of far infrared ray.
Tourmaline can be permanently released in line with the frequency of the human body far-infrared, negative ions, to promote human metabolism, detoxifies, the natural effect of physical therapy
It is an all season material, helping to keep cool in summer and warm in winter and primarily improves blood circulation , in this case to the head, which enhances brain cell functioning.

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Health care Self-Heating Tourmaline Shoulder Protector/Double Shoulder

1.The Features of Tourmaline Shoulder Protector

1. No pollution, no noise, no smell, clean, no electronic wave radiation on the human body.

2. Smooth and wear proof, beautiful, adaptable, heat transfer fast, in summer can be cool. Dual temperature control, adjustable temperature.

3. Has strong moisturizing and moisture resistance, safe and easy to use.

4. Good insulation performance, all the components have a high degree of insulation process.

5.Can effectively improve blood circulation,promote metabolism,and clear the meridians,enhance immunity.

6.Applicable to bone hyperplasia,wrist pain,joint pain and other symptoms of hyperthermia therapy.


Bio-electrode micro-current on a variety of human cells, various tissues and various organs at a relatively static state or active state with both potential and potential changes occur, promote metabolism, regulate the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system, regulatory function of the cerebral cortex, have a beneficial improvement of the heart rhythm and blood circulation and especially microcirculation.

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