VD-A28 Massage Chair

  • Zero gravity space capsule.
  • Can connect to Bluetooth to play music.
  • Multiple massage modes.
  • Double S curve, close to the body massage.
  • The massage chair can be adjusted through remote control.


Experience a revival like no other in the modern world, courtesy of the VD-A28 massage chair’s blissful massages. Release pain and unwind under its care, recreating the tranquility of a spa retreat. Dive into the future of relaxation with the A28 3D Smart Massage chair, boasting the latest in cutting-edge technology. Don’t miss out on our attractive factory-direct prices – get in touch with us right away!

Welcome to our distinguished massage chair production facility, boasting an impressive 17-year legacy of crafting excellence. Partnering with VDgroup paves a mutual path of prosperity, as both sides reap the rewards of our exceptional massage machine offerings in the market. With VDGroup’s creations, you gain access to exquisitely designed models available for exclusive selling.

Our price point stands as a testament to unmatched value, reigning supreme as the best worldwide. Inquire freely about an array of options – from colors to logos, styles, and features – all tailor-made to leave you utterly satisfied. Speedy deliveries are our promise, ensuring your products reach you promptly. And rest assured, our robust support system stands ready to meet your needs with unwavering efficiency.

Secure your massage chair straight from the source – VDGROUP! Unquestionably, the most budget-friendly choice available!


1.3D+3D massage movement
2.24 automatic massage programs
3.135cm super long track
4.Full Body Airbag Wrap Massage
5.Zero gravity function
6.Calf and foot rollers
7.Electric adaptive telescopic calf
8.LCD full dimension controller
9.USB wireless charging
10.Calf roller
11. voice control

What does 2D, 3D, 4D massage chair look like? Differential massage technique

2D massage chair typically moves along two dimensions: up/down and side-to-side, providing broader coverage. Usually more affordable

3D massage chair builds on the 2D concept by adding a third dimension, where the massage nodes can also move in and out, allowing for a deeper and more intense massage experience. Moderately priced due to the added in/out movement for deeper massage.

4D massage chair incorporates time as a dimension, implying that the massage techniques vary over time, providing a dynamic and changing massage experience. Typically among the higher-priced options due to dynamic techniques.

Differential massage technique refers to the chair’s ability to adapt and customize the massage based on the user’s body shape, tension points, and personal preferences. Depending on the complexity of the customization, this feature might contribute to a higher price.

With 16 years of expertise, our dedication to custom massages and the provision of 2% extra spare parts with every purchase ensure long-term satisfaction. Furthermore, opting for our top-notch personalized relaxation solutions, which cater to your unique needs, is a wise choice. To explore our offerings and reach out for inquiries, please visit our website or contact our friendly customer support team today. Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

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