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Massage Chair VD-316

The new 4D massage system provides a better, more accurate deeper massage experience. That is MASSAGE CHAIR VD-Z316.

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Carton size:124.5*74.5*112.5
G.W./N.W.: 65kg/60kg
Power AC100-240v, 150W
Noise level <53dB Container Capacity

1. Neck: 4 kneading rollers. Back: 18 kneading rollers.

2. Head, shoulders & arms: air squeezing massage. Backrest and armrests are integrated. Arm air massage can be together with back reclining.

3. Seat: air squeezing and vibration.

4. Waist and soles: Heating.

5. Calves, feet & soles: air squeezing massage. Soles kneading or scraping massage.

6. Bluetooth music.

7. LCD remote controller.

8. Plastic interior material for footrest and back(head) covers.