• L shape super long massage guide.
  • Air pressure massage for shoulders, arms, hip, calf, and feet, exclusive. design to Shape beautiful buttock.
  • Slide forwards to save space.
  • Unique stretch function.
  • Zero gravity function.
  • Five massage ways: kneading, tapping, kneading& tapping, shiatsu, knocking
  • Extendable footrest/foot frame.

Enter the realm of futuristic relaxation with our compact massage chair. Expertly crafted for space efficiency, it effortlessly complements any room with its sleek design and minimal wall clearance. Prioritize comfort and convenience—immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation, whether at home or in the office. Upgrade your space with our innovative solution today.

Great full body massage chairs VD-A041

Rediscover rejuvenation like never before in the modern world, courtesy of the VD-A041 massage chair’s luxurious massages. Moreover, melt away pain and experience pure relaxation as you immerse yourself in the serenity akin to a spa retreat. Additionally, embark on a journey into the next level of relaxation with the A041 full body massage chairs, showcasing the pinnacle of state-of-the-art technology. Don’t miss the chance to access our enticing factory-direct prices – connect with us without delay!

Step into our prestigious massage chair production facility, backed by a distinguished 17-year legacy of crafting excellence. By partnering with VDgroup, you open a shared path to prosperity, as both sides reap the rewards of our exceptional massage machines in the market. Moreover, with VDGroup, you gain access to exquisitely designed models, available exclusively for your selling advantage.

Experience unparalleled value with our competitive pricing, recognized globally. Furthermore, discover a wide range of customizable options – colors, logos, styles, features – all crafted for your satisfaction. Additionally, count on prompt deliveries and efficient support to meet your needs.

Choose VDGROUP – Your direct, budget-friendly option for massage chairs!

massage chair VD-A041

1.SL ultra-long track, manipulator double layer 4 wheels
2.Intelligent body detection
3.Zero space forward
4.Zero gravity function
5.Bluetooth surround sound
6.Body wrapping airbag massage
7.A variety of intelligent health programs
8.Back heating function
9.Large LED touch screen

Frequency:50Hz to 60H
Rated power:150W
Packaging Size:124*76*112cm
Containerloading(PCS):20GP: 26PCS

The zero gravity massage chair is a reclining chair designed to simulate a weightless or ‘zero gravity’ position, where the body is evenly distributed and pressure is reduced on the spine. Consequently, this position enhances relaxation and is often combined with massage functions for added therapeutic benefits.

Our price point stands as a beacon of unmatched value, reigning supreme on a global scale. Additionally, explore a diverse array of options, spanning colors, logos, styles, and features – all meticulously tailored to ensure your absolute satisfaction. Moreover, our commitment to swift deliveries guarantees your products reach you promptly. Furthermore, rest assured, our robust support system is primed to cater to your needs with unwavering efficiency.

Experience comfort with our newly launched Pink Serenity Massage Chair. Additionally, embrace the calming elegance of soft pink tones while indulging in a revitalizing massage experience. Tailored to your relaxation needs, it’s a perfect blend of style and wellness. Furthermore, experience serenity with the Pink Serenity Massage Chair.

Unwind in style with Guangzhou VD Group. Leveraging 17 years of massage chair mastery, we’re your direct link to premium massage chairs. Additionally, if you’re venturing into the massage chair business or seeking products from China, our factory affiliations are here, service charges-free. Moreover, elevate your enterprise with Guangzhou VD Group.

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