What is a Neck Massage Pillow?

At some point, many people will experience neck pain, which can be caused by faulty sitting postures or excessive sitting, as well as anxiety, strained neck muscles or injury. There are several remedies that can help with the pain, including neck massage pillows of an orthopedic nature and travel pillows. These neck pillows assist by correcting the neck position, and the sometimes provide heating and massaging features to loosen up the tight neck muscles.

The basic neck massage pillow typically is similar to machines used in chiropractor offices to relieve neck pain. It usually combines motion and massage to effectively treat sore neck muscles. These types of massaging neck pillows can be used lying down or in a seated position, and they also provide some type of top shoulder massage as well. The massaging motion works to release tension held in between the neck bones and joints and can provide long-term pain relief for some people.

Most neck massage pillows have roller sections that help increase circulation to the neck joints. They often have ergonomic memory foam pillow bases to cradle the head while the rollers move like fingers to massage the area. Some have covers that can be removed for easy washing. Many neck massage pillow types have handheld remotes, with which the user can control the heat settings and massage intensity. Most people who use this type of neck massage pillow think it helps reduce muscle stiffness, can help heal neck injuries and can help prevent degenerative changes to the neck.

There also are neck massage pillows that are meant to be used on a nightly basis while sleeping in bed. They can be adjustable, and some are designed to provide headache relief. These types of pillows are made from a variety of materials, including memory foam, cotton and down feathers.

For a person who travels often and spends a lot of time in the car or on airplanes, a neck massage pillow designed especially for transit might be a good remedy for stiff neck syndrome from spending too much time at a desk job. These neck pillows typically are horseshoe-shaped and wrap around the person’s neck. They are used to help keep the neck straight while sleeping in a seated position and provide a gentle massage to tight neck muscles.

There are many brands and manufacturers of these types of pillows. Potential users should try out different types to find the best neck massage pillow for their needs. There are a wide range of prices, depending on the features of the neck massage pillow. Some people can get these pillows with a prescription from a doctor.

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