How Do Neck And Shoulder Massagers Work?

Neck And Shoulder Massagers

There are several things that can cause tension in your neck and shoulders, and for some reason the two go hand in hand. Getting stressed, at work or at home will cause you to tense your neck and shoulder muscles, and this will often lead to pain in your neck, shoulder or both. Working constantly sat infront of a computer for hours can have the same effect, as such office workers often suffer fron neck and shoulder pain. However this isnt limited to white collar workers . If you are driving all day, say if your job is to deliver stuff by car, spending hours holding the steering wheel will also contribute to neck and shoulder stress.

So what can you do to reduce the constant pain that your neck and shoulders are in? I for one often hunch my shoulders and neck in pain, which only makes the matter worse, and painkillers only ease the pain, not solve it. One of the best ways to release this tension and build up in your neck and shoulders is to use the right massager, one that has been specifically manufactured to target those areas. Although some back massagers are great, not all are ideal for neck and shoulders.

Using a good Neck and Shoulder massager can relieve pain.

How Do Neck and Shoulder Massagers Work?

Neck massagers work by stimulating the muscles and the nerve endings of the nape of the neck, back and base of the head  as well as your shoulders with gentle yet effective massage strokes. Many neck 7 shoulder massagers are made of comfortable cotton or polyester lining over a durable plastic or lightweight metal enclosure that fits along your neck and shoulders like a large neck pillow. They have different buttons to control vibration speed and may also have heat controls to help soothe and relax the neck, back and shoulder areas.

All of these may only weigh up to 3 pounds or less so it is easy to have it on your neck and back. Some massagers may come in battery operated options for a more convenient relaxing experience or may be corded and can even be converted to get power from a car’s dashboard with a 9 volt car adapter accessory.

Whats the Difference Between Neck and Shoulder Massagers and Other Massagers?

Neck and Shoulder massagers  are specially devised massagers that come in a range of options, from u-shaped to wrap around to curved massagers, all build to specifically concentrate on those pressure spots in your neck and shoulders. Often, they would be usable in other parts of the body, but their core purpose is to focus on the neck and shoulder knots.

The most popular massagers would have a range of options, and many will have heat sources to relieve pain while treating it. The most common massager type in this category is usually a shiatsu massager and is available from a range of good brands and at a large spectrum of prices, from the super expensive to the highly affordable.

Most neck and shoulder  massagers are of the electric variety, and most will be either strapped around the neck and shoulder, or would be in a cushion format to allow relaxing on them while being massage. They also tend to be highly portable. There are some hand held massagers that may work well for massaging either you neck or shoulders, and even some manual massagers (without power source, relying on your strength to press). The best type of massager to get is one that allows you to relax and does all the work itself, and as such we favor the electric, heated variety of massagers.

Why Buy A Neck and Shoulder Massager?

A neck massager can help you feel relaxed after a stressful day. You can get stress on your neck and back after long hours of work and that can affect your mood. You may feel so tired after work that all you want to do is go straight home and sleep right away.

With a neck massager, you can get away from the tension that you have acquired from working for long periods. A massager can release you’re from the tension that you feel on your neck and shoulder muscles. You should consider having a neck massager because using this device for a few minutes can help you feel better.

What are the health benefits of using a neck massager?

Aside from soothing neck pain, headaches, shoulder and back pain, a neck & shoulder massage can also:

  • help improve sleep,
  • help relieve stress from a long work day,
  • improve appetite
  • promote good mood in depressed persons.

A simple neck massager can be placed on the nape of the neck while you drive, when you work at the office, when you watch TV and even while you rest and read a book at home.

A cordless neck & head massager works better than corded ones but be aware of how much time needed to charge the battery unit to get the most optimum massage for your neck and shoulder areas.

Picking the Best Massager for Neck and Shoulder Pain

There are a range of elements to consider when choosing the right massager to deal with your recurring neck and shoulder pain. below we cover some of the most important factors for choosing the right massager.

  • Offers a range of intensity settings
  • Allows control, either manually or via a remote
  • The massager is comfortable to use (cushioned would be great!)
  • Is specifically built for neck and shoulder massage
  • Preferably comes with heat settings
  • Is portable (look out for those that come with car adapters to allow use on the move)
  • Can be used in multiple parts of the body (would be a bonus!)

The BEST way to buy a massager is to read user reviews!

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